zondag 17 april 2011

Wow, check this!

Have you seen it?  Lorie Davison has finished her new kit:
- The Artist's Fearies-!!!
Such a beautiful piece of art! Love it and think she's the real artist fairie!
(As allways with Lorie's offers, I was to late to use the 20 % off, grrr!)

Go to her shop to buy.

dinsdag 12 april 2011

Yoehoe! I won the beautiful kit -Girls Have Fun- from Creadorena!!

If only my pc was working now, I'ld instantly show you some work made with it.
(at the moment using an old pc with nothing on it, fortunately it has internet!)
Thank you so much Minoush!

zondag 3 april 2011

Almost new!

Got my laptop back this weekend! New harddisk, new memory, new processor, new OS! As you can imagine I have to re├»nstall everything. So for the moment there will not be anything here to show you that I've made.

But of course I am able to share with you some stuff others made!

For example:

Minoush made a lovely kit called GIRLS HAVE FUN! Check it out on her page Creadorena , there's a freebie there for you and ......
a chance to win that colourful, fashionable kit!


Further more Ivonka of StarLight Desings has some new CU products:


Jerry Jones of Shadowhouse Creations has again created a great and exciting set of textures!

Go to his blog and see what a wonderful photos and textures he's made.


And last but not least:
I'm a huge fan of Magical Reality Designs!
She has a sale in her stores right now of a lot of her CU-packs. And while you're on her blogpage you'll see that she finished the last part of her ~ Fairies of the Flower Field ~ series! Yeah!

Again, this turned out to be a beautiful, fantasy kit, full of lovely elements and enchanted background papers.
Go check it out and see if you can resist to buy it!

zondag 20 maart 2011

AAAAARCH#$*¿@#$*!!!! :'(
My laptop wasn't working as it should, so it's back to the store now. Logging in by phone at the moment and not being able to see all the beautiful work that has been done by you all. Hope it's back soon!